The Who – Quadrophenia and More 2013-05-10T08:32:13+00:00

GrArG Media was asked to create some background visuals for the ‘and more’ section of The Who‘s 36 date North American Tour – Quadrophenia & More

Using classic iconography, imagery and footage from The Who’s fifty year archive, numerous original animated visuals were prepared to suit the mood of any number of The Who’s bulging greatest hits collection – filling a main screen as well as a potential three more circular screens above.

Along with creating original visuals, GrArG Media was also required to  re-edit / manipulate pre-existing visuals to fit the new visual style and format of the show.

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As well as the animated visuals themselves, GrArG Media also created a wide selection of additional illustrated assets to place in wherever necessary. Creating clean and stylish, posterised portraits of the band, as well as vectorising numerous logos from old promotional material of the band.