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‘Lil Wale’ sits staring out with two coloured crayons in front of him on the wall behind him is a roughly scrawled pattern of circles and lines (Circles in one colour / lines in another)

– Character styling (clothes / hat / shoes etc) (tbc)
– Colours (tbc) – potentially integrate “Seinfeld colours”
– Background – maybe include a classic wallpaper pattern behind the crayon drawings.


The pattern, although it looks scratchy and random is in fact binary code (eg. The pattern to left of character spells out “WALE” – it could say anything)


– By itself the 0 (zero) symbol literally means “nothing” – link to “TAAN”
– The 1 symbol means “something”
– The 0 and 1 together in binary means “everything” – the basis for all modern technology (computers / internet / digital existence)

So the pattern looks like its “about nothing” but is in fact “about everything” (like the album)

Also juxtaposes the idea of a kid’s instinctual and physical imagination (drawing on the walls) with how they’re being raised in a non-physical binary-based world, and how that effects their creativity.


– At a glance it looks like a cute, funny image
– If you look deeper, you can crack the code – “album for the core” in every way.