MC Tarquinius

///MC Tarquinius

MC Tarquinius

This satirical comedy series follows MC Tarquinius – a self-proclaimed rap superstar, using his wealth and status rather than his talents to make his way in the world of music and celebrity.

Creating original and parody songs, as well as following his dysfunctional life through a series of blogs, interviews and fly on the wall mocumentaries



While most rappers have worked their way from the ghettos to find success. MC Tarquinius merely opened his wallet. Born into infinite wealth, Tarquinius is an unashamed spoilt brat. A graduate of the prestigious St. Bobbington’s Prep School, Tarquinius’ world has been a bubble of indulgence and ignorance. On the A list since birth, he has sought legitimacy through the world of music.

Stuck between Stockholm syndrome and true love, the downtrodden Horatio would go to the ends of the earth for his unappreciative friend / master. Tarquinius is far too self-involved to notice Horatio’s undying adoration for him, but inadvertently indulges it by, for example, taking baths together – a place where Tarquinius often gets inspired, so needs Horatio there to assimilate the ideas.

Tarquinius’ other aid is merely known as “Wendy.” She has been designated as “a face for radio” and is contractually obliged not to appear on camera. She is responsible for cleaning up Tarquinius’ mess – from ironing over public faux pas to disposing of large body bags.

Ever doted upon by his constantly absent parents Tarquinius has bred extreme resentment with his older sister Flossy – who’s destiny as high society’s next IT girl was torpedoed by a mixture of her brother’s rise to fame and controversial exploits. Her jealousy is heightened in the fact that she has a secret crush on DJ Horatio, completing a very strange love triangle.

Flossy now takes out her pent up frustration through her artwork – all involving depictions of her brother suffering, a subject which she never actually addresses. Her extreme ignorance and vanity is embraced as ironic post modernism in the art world she has managed to infiltrate


Winner of BEST SOUNDTRACK at MTV Boom! Awards 2009
BeDigital Comedy Lab 2012 (Final 6 shortlist)